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Life Size Ghost

ghost A viewer sent me these easy directions to make this life size ghost for Halloween. It's a huge 6 feet tall. A great home project that looks awesome and you can use year after year.
You will need:
  • chicken wire
  • plastic wire clips or wire
  • gloves
cylinder 1.First you will need to form a cylindrical shape out of the chicken wire for the ghosts body. You can start by wrapping it around a large tree or telephone pole for the initial form. Be sure to wear heavy gloves so that you don't get a cut.
close up 2.You should use a photograph to copy from, so get a photo of any person. Old photos look best. For the ghost's body, make the form look like your photo by adjusting it in the right places. Check you photo often. Secure the form with wire or plastic wire clips so it doesn't unravel.
finished ghost 3.This is a close up photo of how this ghost looks after all final adjustments. Notice how the wire has been bent to show details like arms and head. Even the hair and face are visible.
makeup 4.This is how your ghost will look when placed in the distance where passerbys will see it. This looks real from a distance. Secure it to the ground with a fe wooden stakes and attach with wire clips. You could even place a spot light on the ground for showing it at night. Save it, and you can use year after year.

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