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This tree was decorated by a neighbor. I thought it looked so good I am using a large photo of it. Turn your old tree into a Halloween wonder like this one. You can decorate it anyway you like. and you can use any Halloween items that you like. I am showing you this to give you an idea of what can be done. If you look close you will see the following items on the tree starting from top to bottom.

• Gargoyle
• Gourd in hole
• Flying bat
• Jack-O-Lantern
• Flying bat
• Rat hiding in tree
• Snake
• Jack-O-Lantern


This is a nice family activity. Start by drawing faces on small plastic trash bags with a magic marker. When the faces are drawn, start stuffing the bags with old cloth or even newspaper. After stuffing, tie a piece of string around the bag so it forms a head. Leave the body empty. Now tie each ghost to a branch on your tree.


The enchanted faces seem to come to life at night and peek at you? Now imagine all your trees with a different face, wouldn't that be spooky? It's easy to make and inexpensive and they are reusable. Just follow the few steps below.
You will need:
° glow paint
° paint brush
° plastic food wrap
1.Cut wrap to wrap tree, plus 6" to overlap.

2. Lay plastic wrap flat and paint the faces on it.

3. Let dry and secure to a tree with tape or staples.

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