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You've seen the "witch crash" kits. But you can make your own that's better looking than the store bought ones. In this photo the maker did a great job making the witch crash scene. Look closely, you will notice some very nice touches such as the owl on the broomstick and the witch is reading Harry Potter.
• Measure a pair of black sweat pants legs and cut two board's 2" longer than the sweats.

• Slide the wooden legs into the sweat pants, nail a leg onto each side of the pole about 5' from the ground. Have 2" of the legs extending toward the witch's back so that she appears to have hips.

• Slide the boots onto the ends of the legs and secure with nails.

• Secure the broom in place by nailing it to the pole.

• Cut two board's (1" by 2") to the length of the black sweatshirt arms and slip the boards inside the sleeves.

• Nail an arm to each side of the pole, parallel to the ground about 24" above her legs.

• Slip old gloves onto ends of the witch's arm and attach with nails.

• Use a black trash bag and wrap it around the pole so it hangs over the witch as a cape and nail.

• Nail a wig to the tree, or a bunch of thick yarn in long strands and cover it with the hat, nail the hat in place.