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Giant Spiders
web in yardThese giant spider webs really turn heads. It takes a bit of time to make the web from twine, but well worth the effort, and reusable. The compliments you get on this is are worth the effort to make them.

Giant Spider

Porch Spider:

This spider is made with 4 pairs of woman's black nylon stockings stuffed with cotton fiber. The 2 body pieces were made by stretching black fabric over foam rubber. The stuffed stockings were sewn to body pieces. Yellow tape decorates the spider and also helps the spider legs keep their shape. Can be reused.

pvc spider

Roof Spider:

Made with pvc pipe for the 8 legs and a stuffed trash bag for the body. You will need to cut 16 sections of pipe the same length for the 8 legs. The legs in the photo are 16 pieces of 3' sections by 2" . If you get 6' pipes, just cut them in half. You will need 8 angle pieces for the legs and some black paint. If you secure the legs in a block of wood with 8 holes it will keep the spider from moving in the wind. Spidy is reusable, if you don't glue the legs you can dismantle it. A flood light for nighttime viewing will really enhance the look.


Yard Spider:

This spider body is made with a black trash bag stuffed with newspaper, seal the end. For head use a smaller bag. For legs, use old pantyhose or trash bags stuffed with paper, attach to the body with tape. Cut eyes from red paper, attach with tape.