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Make Grave Stones

foam1. You will need Styrofoam to make the gravestones. You can get it at craft stores, but I found the prices were much cheaper at Home Depot. I have seen scrap pieces thrown out at construction sites. You can recycle old Styrofoam coolers or packing to make gravestones also.
2. To make the cemetery look authentic you should have different size and shapes of stones. Decide on the shapes you want and how many stones you will want for your cemetery.
Grave Stone Grave Stone Grave Stone Grave Stone Grave Stone Grave Stone Grave Stone Grave Stone
3. ink marker To start, get a marker and paper and practice drawing a design that you want to use for your gravestones. When you are happy with the way the design looks, you can draw the design on the Styrofoam itself, but I recommend that you make a template on cardboard first and you will be able to make additional stones quickly.
sawblade 4. When you are happy with the design on the foam, cut it out. If you do not have a band saw use a serrated knife or a hack saw blade to cut out the shape of your tombstone from the styrofoam. It's a good idea to do this step outside, because it does create a mess. Be Extra Careful!
etchinng 5. After you have the shape cut out, it's time to decide if you will want a flat surface on your stones or a engraved 3D look. If you want a 3D look you have several options. The first requires cutting with a Dremel tool with the router attachment. Go SLOWLY because the bit's will make the foam melt. The second, a wood burning tool makes ultra-quick work of etching designs into the styrofoam.
easel 6 a. Time to paint. Take the stones outside to paint and place on top of newspaper to protect surrounding areas. Be sure to use acrylic spray paint only on the stones. Oil base spray paint will dissolve the styrofoam. Use flat gray latex paint to paint your stones. Cover the entire stone with flat gray paint. Take the black acrylic spray paint and lightly dust over the stone with it.

6 b: For a real granite look buy Fleck-Stone spray paint and topcoat. It's a bit expensive but looks good. you can also make your own granite looking effect. You will need 3 cans of acrylic paint: white, black and gray matte finish.
Paint the entire stone black.
Remove nozzles and make a vertical slice through the tiny hole of the gray & white nozzles with an exacto knife. This makes the paint splatter in dots instead of a fine mist.
With the gray can stand a little back and paint the black stone but be sure to allow about 25% of the black to show through.
With the white spray can stand even further back from the stone and very LIGHTLY spray the object. Only a little white is needed and should be almost invisible.
list7: When the paint is dry, write a funny name or saying on each stone with black paint. If you want some name ideas, click to see my collection of FUNNY NAMES that you can use on your stones.
yard8: To stand the stones up, cut two 12 inch lengths of stiff wire or a coat hanger for each stone. Carefully push the two pieces of wire into the bottom of the stones 6 inches. Push the other half of the wires into your lawn. Use stiff wire to make sure the headstones don't blow over.